Eric Burdon

Newcastle born Eric Burdon is to my mind, an extremely under appreciated singer of phenomenal power and stage presence. Which is not to say that he’s not appreciated at all. However, generally speaking, people are more prone to listen to and talk about Van Morrison with greater deference. I dare say that Eric Burdon is a singer of equal talent and arguably more range.

Burdon is mostly remembered as the main singer of the sixties British Invasion era group The Animals. True to say that this was the period where he had more radio airtime and sale hits than any other of his career. However, although the music business is built on the foundation of hits, music as an art form is not. If it was Burdon’s voice and stage antics that put The Animals on the map, he was also responsible for helping launch the careers of American funk band War, when he became their singer for two years in the beginning of the seventies. A move that lifted a lot of eyebrows at the time.

Although his solo recording career never took off in terms of radio hits, or consistency of output, in the long run there are a lot of great music recorded in his discography. Still working today, Eric Burdon has been recording and touring actively during all his adult life. This compilation is in concept paired with a live set that will be posted sometime in the future. Conceived in Aug 2013. All files @320.

Disk Title: The Eric Burdon Compilation – Vol. 1

A-EB – 01. San Franciscan Nights (with The New Animals)
A-EB – 02. House Of The Rising Sun
A-EB – 03. Mama Told Me (Not to Come) (with The New Animals)
A-EB – 04. I Used To Be An Animal
A-EB – 05. Black And White World
A-EB – 06. Home Dream (with Jimmy Witherspoon)
A-EB – 07. Cry To Me
A-EB – 08. Spill The Wine (with War)
A-EB – 09. Monterey (with The New Animals)
A-EB – 10. Tobacco Road (with War)
A-EB – 11. As The Crow Flies (with The Animals)
A-EB – 12. Out of My Mind (with The Greenhornes)
A-EB – 13. All I Do
A-EB – 14. Sixteen Tons
A-EB – 15. Home Cookin’ (with War)
A-EB – 16. Real Me (with The Eric Burdon Band)
A-EB – 17. Devil’s Daughter
A-EB – 18. Sun Secrets (with The Eric Burdon Band)

Total Time: 01:19:31


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